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Diamont quality


The “4C” quality characteristics of diamonds are Carat, Colour, Cut and Clarity.



The weight of diamonds is given in carats (1 carat = 0.2 g). The price per carat increases exponentially with the size of the diamond - because the larger the diamond, the rarer they are.


A perfect diamond crystal is absolutely colourless. Such is easily penetrated by white light. The gradations are fluid and can only be assessed with trained eyes and under special daylight lamps. Basically, as a real asset investment, in addition to the fancy colour diamonds, especially the absolutely colourless diamonds in colour (colour) D (river + / superfine white +) come into question.


For the value, it is also decisive whether the cut gives the stone brilliance and luminosity. It depends on the proportions, symmetry and execution of the cut. No diamond is like another. Every single stone must therefore be individually planned and processed so that it achieves the highest level of brilliance, loses as little weight as possible during grinding and in this way can achieve maximum value.


Diamonds are a natural product. That is why they differ in their purity not only in size, colour and shape but also in tiny inclusions that are often barely visible to the naked eye. There are precisely defined gradations for the evaluation. Basically, the higher the purity, the more valuable the diamond.

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