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Digital office: 10 practical apps


A digital office saves time, paper, work and money. It can be set up for PC, smartphones and tablets with just a few tools. Our selection of apps shows how to achieve an (almost) paperless office.


  • Google Workspace


  • Camscanner

  • Dropbox

  • Evernote

  • Dashlane

  • Slack

  • Timr

  • Conclusion


With Google Workspace, Google offers a whole range of highly functional tools with which you can ideally work together in a team, which increases productivity. With the individual services such as Docs, Spreadsheets and Presentations, you can work on files regardless of location and even offline.

Google also offers the option of video and telephone conferencing, which has become indispensable in the home office.


Every day there are new tasks to be done. That makes it all the more important to sort them out sensibly and work through them one after the other. supports this as a purist tool for mobile project planning. It enters tasks, assigns them priorities and ticks them off as completed.

The Grid View gives you a quick overview of the various lists. Finally, you can also shake your smartphone, whereupon the completed tasks are completely deleted. This gives you a very satisfying feeling of achievement after a long day at work.


Scan, save and synchronise documents on multiple devices - that's what the app CamScanner is for. Whether receipts, business cards or invoices: With the smartphone or tablet camera, you can capture documents for your digital office in seconds and send them.


In Dropbox, the team can store documents, pictures, video files, etc. in a cloud. It is not without reason that it is one of the world's most popular services in this area: the intuitive operation, the simple sharing function and a very good price/performance ratio will quickly make the app one of your standard tools for your paperless office.


Evernote is a powerful note-taking and organisation tool for iOS, Android and PC. You can create unlimited notebooks to neatly structure your notes, graphics, etc.

Add keywords to the files you enter so that you can organise them thematically. This keeps your digital office tidy. Evernote's search function is fast and accurate, which makes up for the app's latent confusion.


Overwhelmed by the flood of passwords for countless platforms? Dashlane provides a remedy: it is a web-based password manager that securely stores accesses.

Dashlane automatically fills in password fields using the browser extension. In addition, there is a Vault where you can store notes and websites. Encryption takes place locally at device level.


Slack is a popular project management tool for a digital office that allows teams to communicate with each other quickly and easily. What is special about Slack is the intelligent combination of different features: In addition to direct communication with each other, any number of channels can be set up (similar to chat rooms). You can also send files and find them again via an integrated search, just like the chats.


Timr is a smart time tracking app because it offers working time and project time tracking with an instant overview of employees.

With this time tracking, you can even record your GPS position with live location tracking. But anyone who is on the move a lot in their everyday working life, whether offline or online, should allow themselves breaks. Work Rhythm 52-17 helps you do just that to become more productive.


With the apps presented here, you can save time on document entry, simplify your communication, organise your meals at work and much more. We hope that you will be able to set up your digital office quickly and easily with the tools presented!


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